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About Christopher Todd

Christopher has 23 years of professional touch experience and a full tool belt of massage modalities including soothing Swedish, deep shiatsu, acupressure and Reposturing Dynamics which is a variety of safe stretches while being massaged. In addition he can provide voice dialogue transformational bodywork. After a massage from Christopher you can feel the combination of renewed energy, calm, balanced and grounded. When Christopher's not massaging, he enjoys time with his community of friends talking about Health Coaching that includes choosing quality nutrition for vitality and doing daily exercise to reclaim, maintain and improve healthy posture.


Reposturing Dynamics is the pure and natural way for anyone who wants relief from pain, more physical flexibility, and posture results that they can actually see and feel. Reposturing realigns the body the way it works best for long-lasting results and pain-free living. Your body builds strength and flexibility which allows you to to move, walk, run, and exercise with more ease and freedom than ever before.

Certified Reposturing Dynamics: Chest,Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands. plus Legs and Feet. And Low Back, Hips and Pelvis. Also Facial Reposturing.
A trained and Certified Posturist works to improve freedom of movement, eliminate chronic pain, and correct bad posture through a combination of unique stretches, massage and breathing which is facilitated by innovative use of gravity and a unique knowledge of posture. Request a Reposturing Dynamics FREE consultation today!


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