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Alameda Testimonials:

Alameda resident; Molly Stenhouse's testimonial...
Thank you so much for the awesome massage yesterday. You have experienced hands, knew the right spots to focus on in my body, and put me at ease. Thanks so much Christopher M. Todd.

Alameda resident Peter Onderwater said " Thank you, you made my day with that massage. I felt really good and I wish I could have one every day!

Alameda resident: Michelle Brown
Thanks to Christopher M. Todd for coming over and giving my husband and I chair massages! Refreshed and ready for the week
I could get used to this!!

Alameda resident: Lauri Mazurkiewicz, Recently my hubby and I had a fantastic 1 Hr massage at my house from Christopher M. Todd! Great massage and posturing techniques! Felt very rejuvenated afterward! Highly recommend!

Alameda resident: Chris Miller, "We (Staff of 18) had worked a really strenuous event at my workplace and everyone was sore and tired by the end of the day. Someone (me!) had the great idea to bring in a masseuse the next day to offer chair massage as a treat for our staff, and Christopher was able to schedule us in on short notice. He was courteous and professional, and also flexible with both the short notice of the request and with the limitations of our unique work environment on a ship. Our staff really appreciated Christopher’s massage skills and friendliness, and I recommend him to anyone seeking chair massage for their staff" ~ Live-Aboard Program Director at USS Hornet Museum.

Christine Uomini, Client;1.415.871.1199

Ann Moore, Reposturist 1.510.769.6980

Chris Pieda, Chiropractor; 1.510.846.0776



Rochelle Towers, MSW, Certified Life Coach says, "I was looking for relief from more or less regular sciatic and upper back pain. I love Swedish and hot stone but the results are pretty fleeting. Then Christopher introduced me to Dynamic Reposturing and my bimonthly sessions have brought about changes in my 65 year old body beyond anything I expected. Not only has my pain been alleviated but I find that after the stretching and massaging I feel a surprising sense of emotional freedom and general wellbeing. I have also been helped by exercises he has shown me which support my ability to maintain my progress. Christopher is the consummate professional; his skill, gentleness, keen listening and subtle intuition are rare. His genuine love of the freedom good health can bring has led him to seriously master many body work modalities which are literally at his fingertips. As a woman I was not sure how comfortable I would be with a male massage therapist but I feel completely relaxed and trustful. If you have a body, I highly recommend that you bring it to Christopher. He is gifted and really on to something."

Naomi Kellner says, "My husband and I got massages for Valentine's day. Chris was awesome! Each massage was customized for us so we got exactly what we wanted. I felt amazing; so refreshed! Chris had everything we were looking for in a massage therapist. He was prompt and professional - and warm and friendly; a great balance that made for a great experience. We will definitely be getting massages from him again soon."

Heidi K. says, "Christopher's massage was such a welcome relief from a very stressful time.  His gentle manner and professional approach made it very easy to completely let go and just enjoy the pressure.  He really checked in with me throughout the massage to make sure I was doing well with it, and I really appreciated that.  I recommend Christopher if you are looking for a very relaxing time and relief."

Jessy S. says, "Thanks to Christopher I was able to be fully present in my body, relax and find my deepest of breathes. My massage began with the drum, which grounded me into the moment, where i was able to stay for the massage. His pressure was perfect,  he checked in with me to make sure I was satisfied and his techniques were aligning for my body. I felt totally comfortable to let go in his presence, which I deeply appreciate. His professionalism was high as was his honest concern to help and heal. I would recommend Christopher to any of my friends or family."

Debbie E. says, "I have been to heaven.  Christopher is so calm and gentle and warm that you feel relaxed before you even get started.  I loved the combination of the reposturing stretches and the hot stones and the drum and the thumper.   I really enjoyed the work on my back while I was laying on my back - I had never had that before. The pressure was perfect - strong enough so that it almost hurts, but doesn't - exactly how I like it. I also appreciated that the table was wider than most. The price is very reasonable and I can't wait for my next massage!"

Claire R. says, "I was referred by a friend who said that Christopher was great.  I have back and upper leg pain and it was lovely to be pain free after the massage.  Christopher used a variety of techniques that were new to me and I thought they were very effective.  I felt comfortable with him as my body worker as he was completely professional in his approach.  I will return and definitely recommend Christopher for a relaxing and healthful massage.  Thanks!"

Sonia T. Sonia Rubino says, "After caring for my elderly mother, I was so tired I made a reservation for a 1 hour table massage. At the start of  the massage I became aware of the high level of stress I have had for some time.  I experienced major relief of stress in my body throughout the massage. Christopher 's massage allows me to feel my emotions and I was able to cry, as he held the space for that to occur and I felt emotional relief as well. He finished the massage using a large drum and the vibration helped me feel physically and emotionally integrated.
I am now a weekly customer. I highly recommend Christopher to anyone who is willing to take care of themselves.
I say YES me, YES now, WHY wait?"

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