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Facial Reposturing:


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Facial Reposturing

The Facial Reposturing is a treatment designed to enhance your natural beauty by restoring circulation, relaxing your deep facial muscles, and enhancing the youthful radiance to your skin.

What is Facial Reposturing?

Lines, wrinkles and tension patters in your face are related to your posture.

The head, face, and neck are the last places for your body to establish a sense of permanent balance.

Improved circulation and relaxed tension in the facial muscles create a more vibrant, relaxed and naturally youthful appearance.

You actually feel freedom from the effects of stress and poor posture.

The Procedure

The Facial Reposturing technique is based on the Reposturing work and the assumption that great posture is when the body is balanced on its naturally intended weight bearing surfaces.

Thus, Facial Reposturing works with not only your face, but the neck, chest and arms to fully balance your facial posture.

TO accomplish this, your posturist will massage (in this order) your finger tips, arms, shoulders, chest, neck. outside the face, and inside the mouth.

While it may seem overly invasive, the technique inside the mouth is pertinent, to getting rid tension and stress in the deep muscles of the jaw, mouth, and face.

The Reposturing Dynamics technology refreshes and restores the functional and esthetic flexibility to postural muscles that have been ravaged, weakened and depressed by time, stress and gravity.


This treatment is NOT a massage; it is deep tissue therapy that involves work on the outside of the face AND the inside of the mouth. These muscles cannot be accessed any other way and are crucial to the procedure. However, it can be uncomfortable at first. Bruising may occur due to applied pressure, but is only meant to be temporary. Visual results are seen after multiple visits, and varies upon client.

Also this treatment is NOT recommended if you have any of the following:

Broken skin in the mouth, lip or tongue (or any mouth sore that could open, bleed, or spread).  Dental prosthetics that may come loose or fall out. Difficulty breathing when fully inclined. Deep comedones or scarring acne. Boils which may break, spread. Consult a doctor if you have: Cancer of the skin or Rosacea.

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